Okay, so I posted a complaint on 12/21 about Personal Creations, and guess what? They did it again!

This time, instead of sending the product I ordered (different from the one in the last complaint), they sent one that belongs to someone else. So now, two kids won't get the gifts they were supposed to receive. This company is really unbelievable. Be warned, do not waste your money there.

They still haven't responded to my first problem and it has been over a week. Do yourself a favor, find another more reputable company. There are plenty of them out there. I've used "Things Remembered" several times in the past for personalized gifts and they are absolutely GREAT.

They'll be the ones getting all of my business from now on. Remember, do not trust personalcreations.com.

They'll just rip you off.

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I totally agree with what this person is saying - and the reason I'm even ON this website is b/c I was JUST about to make an order with Personal Creations and on the FINAL order page, all these sketchy charges popped up. There had NEVER been anything that said there was a charge for personalization, yet there was a $3.99 charge on EVERY single item I had personalized, even the ones where it just asked me to enter a description of the picture they were using, etc.

There was also an astronomical shipping charge for the price of my total order. Finally, while you can get to a place with these fake "coupons" that advertise your getting, say, $25 off a $110 order, or 20% off of orders over $100, or free shipping on orders over $50... I could not get ANY of those to apply to my order. There was a code from Black Friday for 15% off the order, and when I entered it, it said "the coupon has been applied", but the total price was the same.

None of this seemed very honest or reputable, so I decided to A) do a little research about this company online, and B) call their customer service before I actually PLACED the order. I was pretty surprised by all the terrible reviews I found online (this isn't the only site), and of course - customer service didn't answer.

I am REALLY disappointed that I'm not going to get to order these items that I'd had my heart set on buying... but I guess I'd rather find something else for Xmas gifts than get completely ripped off.

Wake Forest, North Carolina, United States #6646

Since you seem to be an advertisement for Things Remembered - makes me wonder if you work for them and are just attacking the competition

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