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When I placed my order from there was no shipping fee before I pressed submit. After I submitted my order, I noticed my total was $14.99 more than before I submitted.

I called the customer service line and was told that the extra fee was for shipping. I explained that I clicked on a link that said no shipping over $25 and I had a coupon code that they had emailed me for 15% off black Friday sales and 25% off everything else. She said I couldn't combine coupons. I asked to speak to a manager and he said he couldn't take the fee off that I could cancel the order or he could take 5% more off but that the computer would not let him use another coupon.

Later, after discussing the similar complaints on this site after he said it must have been a computer glitch on my end, he said he wouldn't take anymore off because he felt he offered me a solution. I called him on his lie saying he said the computer wouldn't let him and now he said he could but wouldn't and he paused for a moment and he said I must have misunderstood that I just see it differently that he does!

Be careful if you buy from Personal Creations. They have hidden charges, lying people in the customer service department, and outrageous shipping fees!!!

Monetary Loss: $14.

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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #1251167

Every time I create a new Ornament and then review it, my info is not on the Ornament. Can't place orders........

Cocoa, Florida, United States #1014083

I'm so glad I seen your complaint. I went to their website to order 2 personalized mugs.

At checkout it showed standard shipping as no charge. Once I entered my credit card info and went to the final screen, they had tacked on $14.99 shipping charges PLUS $4.99 handling charges!

That was more than the mugs. I didn't place my order.

New Jersey, United States #892117

It's still going on. They have standard shipping as free.

Their site says that the handle and care charge is for larger packages, but still charges handle and care for one small item. I was charged $16.98 for shipping with handle and care fees, which is ridiculous.

One rep. named Mike said he'd e-mail me, but didn't.

He was too busy commenting on other customers complaints on Facebook. Another rep. e-mailed me and said that Mike was in a meeting, which was a lie, since he was on Facebook commenting away. He had plenty of time to e-mail me back.

Customer service never really e-mails you back.

On Facebook they tend to delete comments they don't like. They still give you BS nor do they really read your comments.

to Erin #1014232

I am sorry that you experienced the same kind of ridiculous hidden charge almost a year after I did. You would think the Better Business Bureau would have made them fix this problem by now.

I did submit my claim to the Better Business Bureau and ended up getting my money back. You should do the same. Maybe if enough people complain they will actually make them change it.

It is terrible that Personal Creations will not fix this on their own. I like their products but I don't deal with dishonest people or companies.

Houston, Texas, United States #758890

experienced similar problems. personal creations should show all shipping charges and handling fees BEFORE your final confirmation.

shipping selections indicated FREE standard shipping and $7.99 express, but did not explain those prices are only if you sign up for another program.

Also had problems with shipping options and customer service took 20 minutes to manually enter my order, only to find the same limitations I had.

Customer service rep kept saying "it's because you're ordering so late" "if you would have ordered earlier". not a good policy to blame it on the customer trying to place an order.

Will not order from personal creations again.

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