I have had my identity stolen before by a pro flowers order in the past so I am very cautious about on line purchases. I was in the check out part of my order when I got suspicious because it kept kicking me out of paypal.

I pressed on and decided to use my credit card # instead. Just before hitting the confirm button I reviewed my order to find they had doubled my entire order.

I tried to edit the order to show one of each item and when trying to do so it would keep saying it was only one item. I then erased all credit card info and tried paypal again and it automatically re-imputed my credit card info. This scares the *** out of me.

The site has many web site glitches and to top it all off it is owned by Pro Flowers the company that sold my personal identity in the past. I did not order from this place and I would suggest you be very cautious if you plan on it.

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Yea this just happened to me recently. I purchased an item from personal creations.

Next thing I know I am getting a fraud charge of $600 showing up on my credit card. I hardly ever do any shopping online. Made this an exception cause had coupon to use.

I will never buy from them again and not recommend them to anyone. I am even more wary of online purchases now.

Westleigh, New South Wales, Australia #337765

I am sorry for you experience with Personal Creations and I would like to look into it for you. Please call 866-526-9426. Sallie

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